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 Services and Fees 

Please contact for current lesson and training prices. 

Elite Show Stables does not have lesson horses and only provides training and services to people that own or lease their own horses.  Leases are sometimes available through Elite Show Stables.

Trailer in Fee  $10

To be paid to Peppertree Farms


Horse Show Fees

Coaching for county "C" rated show $45.00 per day

Coaching for "A" rated show $55.00 per day

Coaching for a second horse(same rider) $35.00(county) per day, $45.00 ("A") per day

Set up and Take down $45.00 per show per horse

Professional rides $25.00 per ride with groom/ $35.00 with out groom

Professional ride in a class $25.00 per ride (groom must be provided on show day)

Schooling lesson on a day where you don't show at a county show $25.00

Schooling on a day where you don't show at an "A" show $35.00

Lunge at horse show $20.00

Full Daycare at horse show   $40 per day  (when groom not provided)

Includes feeding, watering, stall cleaning, washing poultice, and removing wraps.

Partial Daycare at horse show  $15 per day  (when groom not provided)

Includes only feeding and watering.  Stall cleaning NOT provided.


Trainers expenses at away shows to be split among clients attending show.


Full Body Clip $150.00


Sales, Purchases, and Leases

Commission : 10% of sale, purchase, or lease price.

Trainer will charge $50.00 per day when traveling to look for horses locally in San Diego County and $100 per day when traveling outside of San Diego County, plus travel expenses.  A refund will be given and applied to the commission once the horse is purchased.  Travel expenses will not be included in the refund, only the per day charge.

Prices are subject to change.

Other services can be arranged as well.



Fees are due by the first of the month. After the 10th of the month a $35.00 late fee will be charged. Please make all checks out to Tiffany Sherbondy.

A $35 late fee will also be added to show fees not paid within 10 days of the last show day.



"A pony is a childhood dream, a horse is an adulthood treasure."

-Rebecca Carroll

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